Ethnography Museum

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The Ethnography Museum, which has been actively welcoming its visitors since 1930, exhibits various examples of Turkish Art from the Seljuk Period to the present day.

In the museum's collection; Folk clothes, ornaments, shoes, clogs, women's and men's socks unique to the Sivas region, various purses, lace, hoops, scarves, napkins, bundles, bedspreads, bridal clothes, groom's shaving sets, brought from different regions. There are many items such as carpets and rugs, various works reflecting Anatolian metal art, Ottoman Period bows, arrows, flintlock guns, rifles, swords and tatanians, Turkish tile porcelains and Kütahya porcelains, items associated with Sufism and sects, and plates that are beautiful examples of Turkish calligraphy. .

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Hacettepe Mahallesi Türkocağı Sokak No: 4 Opera/ANKARA (Direction)

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 16:45
Tuesday 08:30 - 16:45
Wednesday 08:30 - 16:45
Thursday 08:30 - 16:45
Friday 08:30 - 16:45
Saturday 08:30 - 16:45
Sunday 08:30 - 16:45

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